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Rush Organic Juicery | San Diego, CA 


Ossie and Melissa, founders of Rush Organic Juicery, were looking for a fairly specific look and feel to the branding of their Oceanside based cold pressed juicery. Ossie had a vision, and it was wonderful being able to take the time to sit down and really figure out what it is that he saw for Rush. 

We went through two rounds of branding concepts before we landed on something that they felt represented the brand best. A lot of what our job is as designers is to effectively communicate with the client what it is they do and do not like. We get the opportunity to pull the idea they have out of their head and make it reality. 

It's wonderful working with small or start up businesses because you can really grasp the passion that these owners have. Most of them doing their new project on the side of a full time job.  It's that same passion that allows me to do what I do and really dig into the nitty gritty of collaboration with the client!