Never Perfect / Always Fun

Tangible Goods was created in celebration of the simple times.
Salty hair, skinny dippin’, star gazing, drinking tequila from a clay mug, checking the surf early in the morning and singing to the moon with friends. The little moments that make us who we are .

The Process

Each piece of Tangible Goods ware is small batch and slow crafted with love.
The average time it takes to create a single piece is about 27 + hours . This includes throwing the clay, trimming, an 8 hour bisque fire, glazing and a 12 hour glaze fire.

Every time you purchase a handmade item, you are directly supporting a dream.



Mother, Ocean Enthusiast, Creative, Lover, Lady Hawk
”Ceramic arts was the one medium that always held my interest. I’ve dabbled in so many art forms but pottery always has a way of keeping me on my toes.”
-Torrey Jay

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